Google Analytics & Google Search Console for WordPress
We do the setup according to GDPR


What is Google Analytics & Search Console?

You can analyse the visitors of your WordPress website. Besides the amount of visitors there are many more parameters you can analyse.

Additionally we setup the Google Search Console (formerly: Webmaster Tools) for you. There you see what your visitors search for and you have many more tools.


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Setup of Google Analytics & Google Search Console
Main Features

Analyse Your Visitors

  • Amount of visitors
  • Visited pages
  • Duration of the visit
  • Bounce rate
  • Used device
  • ... and much more

Google Search Console

  • Show errors on your website
  • Analyse search terms of your visitors
  • Let Google index your pages
  • Remove pages from Google index
  • Show double titles and descriptions
  • ... and much more

GDPR Ready

  • Anonymize IP Address
  • Integration in privacy statement
  • Cookie Opt-Out

Setup of Google Analytics

We perform the integration of Google Analytics into your WordPress website. With it, you can analyse your visitors with countless paramenters. Google Analytics is a very comprehensive tool. By analysing your visitors you can then optimise your WordPress website.

One Example: If your website has a high bounce rate, than you know that your visitor was only for a short time on your page and left it then. If you make this page more interesting, he will stay longer and might click on another page. This increases the duration of his stay which is good for your ranking at Google. Thats how you can do SEO in an easy way to get even more visitors on your website.


Setup of Google Search Console

We also do the setup of Google Search Console (formerly: Google Webmaster Tools) for your WordPress Website. The Google Search Console has many informations about improvements of your website. Here you can make a few settings to optimise how Google sees your website. Thats how you can improve the usability of your website and improve the SEO. This also improves your ranking for search engines.

To use the data from Google Search Console in Google Analytics as well, we connect those two tools with each other.


Legally Correct Integration

With the new European GDPR (but also before) there are a few settings which have to be done, to use Google Analytics legally correct. Google collects personal data which will be sent to the US. By integrating it with anonymising the IP address, the hint in your privacy statement and the cookie opt-out you are on the safe side.

Google offers the opt-out by browser extension too. But this extension cannot be installed on mobile devices. Thats why the integration of the cookie opt-out is neccesary according to the GDPR.

After we performed the setup of Google Analytics, there is one more task you have to do: Agree to Google's data processing. We will show you, how you can do this as soon as your Google Analytics account is ready to use.


Your Google Analytics & Search Console
How it works

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  • Credentials

    To setup your Google Analytics and Search Console, we need several credentials to your website. After ordering this service, we will tell you how you can send uns this data in a secure way.

  • We Do The Rest For You

    Now you can lean back. We will perform the setup of the Google tools within 10 working days for you.

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