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Increase the pagespeed to get your website loaded in below 1 second


Optimizing the pagespeed of your WordPress website is one of the most important optimizations. Who want’s to wait until a website is loaded? Your pagespeed has also a huge impact on your ranking at  Google & Co.

Increase pagespeed by optimizing pictures

The most time of your pageload you can save by optimizing your pictures. These should be optimized in size and resolution and additionally they should be compressed. Then you will get the best pagespeed. I do all the optimizations with this services for you. And I show you, how you can optimize your pictures and do some settings on your WordPress website to keep your pagespeed high.
Viel raus holen mit Bildoptimierung: Siehst du einen Unterschied?

Compress your pictures and you get the best pagespeed results?

Compressing of your files

Depending on your Theme and your installed plugins there are lot of files to load. By combining and/or compressing the files, you can save more time of your pageload.
Quellcode minified: unübersichtlich aber platzsparend

Sourcecode minified: confusing but faster loaded


One more pagespeed optimization is the server caching. By configuring this, your webserver does’nt have to send so many requests to your database anymore. They will be loaded as files from your webspace. So you can save unnecessary requests which makes your website faster. Additionally I configure browser caching. With these settings, your visitor has to load a few files only once. If he clicks to another page of your website, the files are already stored local which is much faster to load.
Mit Bildoptimierung, Caching usw. unter 1 Sekunde Ladezeit

By compressing pictures, configuring caching and few more settings below one second

The pagespeed goal

I would love to give a guaranty for a maximum pageload time. Depending on the speed of your provider, the amount of pictures, speed of your theme and your installed plugins it is very hard. My goal is to get your pageload time at Pingdom below one second and to reach a value of at least 85 at Google PageSpeed Insights. Even if I can’t give a guaranty to reach these goals, I will give my best to reach the best possible pagespeed for your WordPress website.
Auch Google mag die Optimierungen

Auch Google mag die Optimierungen

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