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What is WordPress Security?

There are daily countless attacks against WordPress websites. Mostly they are automatic programs, which use security gaps to cause damage.

With our service WordPress Security we secure your website against hackers. Your website will be as save as possible against attacks.


€97.00 One-time setup (excl. VAT)

€29.00 Yearly (excl. VAT)

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WordPress Security
Haupt Features

Security Settings

  • Secure admin user
  • 2-factor-authentication
  • Optimize file permissions
  • Change of backend URL
  • Integration of captcha
  • … und vieles mehr

Constantly Checked

  • Daily website scans
  • Automatic updates of WordPress, plugins and themes
  • Track file changes
  • Notifications if something could have happened

Your benefit

  • Secured against attacks
  • Save $80 per year for the plugin iThemes Security
  • Quicker malware removal in case of an emergency

Secure your WordPress website

From time to time WordPress websites get hacked and the damage is huge. They will used to send spam, your content will be replaced or your website will be just offline. You can protect your website from this. You will do so using the following features:

  • Protection against brute-force-attacks
  • Automatic updates of WordPress, themes and plugins
  • Optimising of your folder permissions
  • Integrating a captcha for the backend login
  • Change the backend-URL
  • and many more settings

With this service you also get the Plugin iThemes Security Pro including lifetime updates. This saves you $80 per year.


Prepared For Incidents

There is no 100% protection against attacks. Even big internet companies with lot of security get hacked.

If your website gets hacked, even with all our security optimisation, we can lower the damage. In case of an emergency we have the tools to remove malware from your website:

  • Tracking of filechanges
  • Backups of your database (optional)
  • Tracking of user logins

With these trackings we will know which files were infected and we can clean them easier. Additionally we have backups of your database to restore all pages, posts and settings.


Absolute Security

As already mentioned, no website can be secured to 100% against hackers. It is important to install regularly updates of WordPress, Themes and Plugins. With those updates you get new features but also security gaps will be closed which hackers could use for their attacks. Thats how they can get access to your website.

It is highly recommended to enable the automatic updates. But sometimes automatic updates fail which can break your website. That's why we created our service WordPress Maintenance. With this service we install all updates weekly and do additional checks if everything is up and running. Besides the updates, we perform daily backups and store them on an external server within Europe. With the WordPress Maintenance you also get a monitoring service to be the first one getting notified if your WordPress website is offline.

We cannot guarantee a 100% security for your WordPress website. But in case of an emergency we can always restore a current version of your website.

More about WordPress Maintenance


Your WordPress Security
How it works

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  • Credentials

    To setup WordPress Security for your website, we need credentials of your website. After ordering the service, we describe send you instructions how to send us these data in a secure way.

  • Add WordPress Maintenance (optional)

    For more security we highly recommend to add our service WordPress Maintenance. We perform daily backups, weekly updates and continuously monitoring.

  • We Secure Your WordPress Website

    Within 10 working days we secure your WordPress website. You will get a document where we explain all new features for you.

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