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We switch your WordPress Webseite to SSL.


What is the SSL Switch?

By switching your website to SSL (HTTPS), the data transfer between the browser and your server will be encrypted. You benefits will be a better Google Ranking, more trust of your visitors and indirectly it is necessary in most cases regarding the GDPR

Important: The SSL certificate itself is not included with this service. You have to order and activate it at your hoster.


€127.00 One-time (excl. VAT)

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WordPress SSL Umstellung
Main Features

Make SSL Certificate available

Before we start with the switch of your WordPress website to HTTPS, we make sure the SSL certificate is valid. A non valid certificate can break your website. Of course we are happy to help to activate your SSL certificate at your hoster.

Changing all URLs

With the valid certificate, we change your the URLs of your entire WordPress website from "http" to "https". Also the URLs from external domains like Google Fonts will be switched to "https".

Check of the SSL Switch

After switching your website to SSL, we check deeply if everything works smoothly and no errors will come up. Quite often there is still "mixed content" from ressources of a theme or Plugin which is still called via "http". We make sure this will be switched to "https" too.

How SSL Works

To encrypt the connection between the browser and your server, you need a SSL certificate on your domain. You can buy this certificate at your hoster. Some hosters offer it for free already.

The SSL certificate identifies your server and your domain. When someone visits your website, the certificate is sent to the browser. This checks if the certificate is valid. If it is valid, the browser connects encrypted to your server. The connection between the browser and your server is encrypted now.


The benefits of SSL

Every website should be served via HTTPS. Why?

  • Better ranking at Google & Co.
  • Recommended by the GDPR – indirectly even necessary
  • Important Data (for e.g. login and password of your website) can’t be shown via the WiFi or the internet anymore
  • Secure transmitting customer data for e.g. in contact forms and online shops Data can’t be manipulated during transmission via SSL
  • Your site visitors have more trust in your website

How we do the switch

The switch will be done in 3 steps:

  • Test if the certificate works
  • If the SSL certificate is not available yet: We help you activating it.
  • Changing your WordPress website including all internal URLs of images, subpages, etc. on your website
  • Customize individual external ressources of your website
  • Test if everything works smoothly

After the switch, you see the lock in the address bar besides your domain. Your website stays online during the switch. You don’t have to be scared of any downtime.

Important: As mentioned on top, the SSL certificate is not included with this service. You get this at your hoster.


Your WordPress SSL Switch
How to get it

  • Order the service

    Order the SSL swith with the button below

  • Credentials

    To do the SSL switch for your, we need few login data for your website. After the order, we tell you, how you can send them to us in a secure way.

  • We do the rest for you

    You can relax and let us do the switch. We will inform you about the date, the switch will be done – usually within 10 working days.

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