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Create a WordPress Website?


Without Programming to Your Perfect Website

We show you, how to create your new WordPress website according to your wishes. You don't need and technical know how and you don't have to be a designer.

Create your website in only 3 Steps:

1. Choose a design you like
2. Change texts and images of the layout
3. Change the design however you like


It doesn't only sound so easy. It is so easy.

    Dein eigenes Hosting

    Einmalig (zzgl. MwSt.) €347.00

    Make Your Live Simpler
    Save lot of Money and lot of Time

    Save more than
    0 Std.
    hours Research
    Save more than
    for a designer
    Save more than
    Beginners mistakes
    Save more than
    per Year for Theme and Plugins

    The WordPress Starter Paket
    All Inclusive for the Perfect Website


    WordPress Website

    Your WordPress website completely installed and pre-designed. You can login in 5 minutes and start designing.


    WordPress Hosting

    Your new website is based on a specially for the Starter Package optimized hosting with many extras.


    WordPress Starter Guide

    We explain step by step how you can create your own website. You don't need any know how for it.

    Live Preview
    The Website of the Starter Package

    Your WordPress Website
    Installed. Configured. Pre-designed.

    WordPress Webseite

    The current version of WordPress is already installed. You can use the full power of WordPress. Install new plugins, change the theme, do individual configurations. You have full access to your website without any limits.

    Divi Theme included

    Choose a pre-installed design, change the content and your page is ready. Or give free rein to your creativity and create your own design. The Divi theme is very intuitive to use and you can see your changes live.

    Plugins inklusive

    The most important plugins are already installed and configured in the starter package. This makes your website save, fast and optimized for SEO. Furthermore you have a lot of functionality which will help you designing your website.

    WordPress Starter Guide
    The Know How You Need


    We Save You Grey Hairs

    We explain in our step-by-step Guide, how you can create your professional website.

    You get a complete overview where to find the most important settings in WordPress. Within a few Minutes you can change the logo, create a new page and add it to the navigation bar.

    The Starter Guide saves you hours of research for the right settings. Invest this time rather in designing your website.

    We kept the Starter Guide as compact as possible. The most important things for a quick start with your website are summarized in it.

    Tutorials for your website

    You don't need any technical know how. We start at 0. We explain how you

    • login to your website
    • change basic settings
    • change your navigation
    • handle global widgets like header, footer, sidebar
    • the WordPress Customizer
    • set up Google Analytics
    • use the Divi theme
    • design your website
    • and much more...

    Tutorials for Hosting

    Configuring hosting sounds very technical. But we made everything as easy as possible. Many things are pre-configured. With the Starter Guide we explain you how to

    • create an Email account
    • activate SSL and switch your website zu HTTPS
    • use the caching system
    • get access to the files on your server
    • create a staging system for tests on a copy of your website
    • and much more...

    More Tutorials

    Not only technical things are included in the Starter Guide. Furthermore we give you tips how to

    • optimize your website for Google (SEO)
    • use the functionality of the plugins
    • legal things you should take care of
    • keep your website secure
    • keep your website fast
    • find good plugins
    • and much more...

    WordPress Hosting included
    Opmimized for Your Website

    Our WordPress Hosting S

    Save the time researching for the best hoster. Our servers are optimized for the website of the WordPress Starter Package.

    Pagespeed optimized

    With our 3-level-cache system and newest server technology your website loads in average 4x faster than a non-optimized website.

    Your visitors will love your website. Also Google likes faster websites and ranks them better in their search results.


    To protect your website from attacks, we have a continuously updated firewall. We perform daily scans of your website with our partner Sitelock.

    And in case something happes, you can easily restore one of the automatic backups. That's how your website is protected as good as possible.

    This is Included

    The hosting of the Starter Package contains everything you need for your website:

    • 1 Domain included
    • 10 GB Webspace
    • 512 MB Memory
    • SSL certificate included
    • Email accounts
    • Daily Backups

    See more features at WordPress Hosting


    Many of our services are included
    This saves you more than 600€

    SSL Switch
    Google Analytics &
    Search Console
    WordPress Pagespeed

    This is Included
    The Highlights

    WordPress Website

    • WordPress website pre-designed
    • Divi theme incl. updates inkluded
    • Plugins worth more than 200€
    • Optimized for security
    • Pagespeed optimized
    • Full admin access
    • Automatische Bild Optimierung
    • Google Analytics vorbereitet
    • Coming soon page
    • Email address protection from Spam
    • Easy duplicating of pages
    • Privacy statement (GDPR)
    • Legal Notice pre-configured
    • Templates pre-installed to change
    • Ready to design in 5 minutes

    WordPress Hosting

    • One Domain included
    • SSL certificate included
    • 10 GB webspace included
    • 512 MB memory
    • WordPress Staging System
    • Email accounts
    • FTP accounts
    • SSH accounts
    • Automatic backups
    • Automatic updates (optional)
    • WP CLI
    • Cloudflare integration (CDN)
    • MySQL databases
    • Cronjobs

    WordPress Starter Guide

    • Tutorials for global settings
    • Tutorial for post types
    • Settings in Divi theme
    • Tutorials for designing with Divi
    • Tips for SEO
    • Tutorial for security settings
    • Tutorials for widgets
    • Categories and tags
    • How to create pages and posts
    • Integration of Google Analytics
    • Many explanations to technical stuff

    Get your WordPress Starter Package
    In 4 Steps to your your pre-designed website

    • Choose Your Domain

      One domain is included in the Hosting package. You can add more later.

    • Enter Your Username and Password

      With these data you can login to your website and start designing.

    • Finish Your Order

      We configure your hosting account and install your Starter Package. You can login in 5 minutes after the order.

    • Check Out the Starter Guide, Start Designing, Launch

      Now you can start! just replace texts and images of the website and your website is finished. Of course you can change everything however you want to. The Starter Guide tells you, how this works.

    The Price
    All Inclusive and Still Cheap

    One-time (excl. VAT) €247.00

    Monthly €8.00 (excl. VAT)
    with yearly payment or €9.00 with monthly payment

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