Page Speed Booster
by (Easy IO)

Does optimizing images get on your nerves too?

Even if the images are perfectly optimized, they will be loaded onto the phone larger than necessary.

The Page Speed Booster takes care of optimizing your pictures completely automatically. And that for every screen size.


Image Optimizations

No more scaling or compressing images or converting them to a smaller file format.

Upload your images to your website as large as you want. Your images are automatically optimized and displayed in the optimal size in your visitor's browser.

This will make your website load much faster because the browser has to download much smaller files.

Worldwide Server Network (CDN)

Images, CSS and JS files are transmitted to your visitor's browser via servers in a global network (CDN).



€ 49.00 * One-time setup with other hosters

€ 29.00 * One-time setup in WP Mike Hosting
(as an add-on in your hosting package)

€ 59.00 * Yearly

Process after the order

  • Access data

    After ordering the service, you will receive an email. In it, we describe how you can securely send us the access data that we need for the service.

  • We take care of the rest

    We will set up the charging time booster within a few days. As soon as we have completed the setup, you will receive another email from us.

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* All prices plus 19% VAT.