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What is WordPress Maintenace?

We install weekly all updates and create backups of your entire WordPress website. With the included monitoring you know first, if something happened to your website. With the WordPress Maintenance your website is secured, always up-to-date and you can react immediatelly if it not reachable.


€27.00 One-Time (excl. VAT)

€39.00 Monthly (excl. VAT)

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We create daily database backups and weekly backups of your entire website. In case of an emergency, we can always restore a backup of the current version of your WordPress website.


The regularly installing of updates for WordPress, themes and plugins is very important. There are not only new functions, but also security gaps are closed. We perform weekly all updates of WordPress, themes and plugins for you.


Would you realise it if your website is offline? Our monitoring sends you an email if your website cannot be reached. We also inform you as soon as your website is online again.

WordPress Backups

Backups are like the insurance of your website. In case of an emergency the backups save you from big damage.

All backups we create are stored in a high security datacenter in Europe. So nothing can happen to your backups. To make sure the backups are always up to date, we create the following backups:

Weekly full-backups We create a backup of your entire website weekly. WordPress, plugins, posts, pictures – everything will be saved. The latest four backups are stored. So we can restore all your website data for one month in the past.

Daily database backups All posts, pages, settings and so on are saved in the database. So everything you don’t install or you don’t upload. The worst case would be to lose the work from one day. Not more.

Restore Of Backups If you need a backup, we will send you the backup files together with an introduction of how to restore a backup. For a fee of €50 excl. VAT we can restore the backup for you too.


WordPress Updates

If there are new updates available for WordPress, Themes and plugins, there come not only new functions. Also security gaps will be closed by them. To make sure your WordPress website is always up to date, we check weekly if there are new updates available and install them for you.

Every time when I installed updates for your website, you get an e-mail. Then you can have a look if there are new features and if everything still works fine. From time to time it can happen, that an update fails and doesn't work anymore. We will fix this issue immediately after an update.

If you use a caching plugin, we will empty the cache of your WordPress website. So we can make sure that your website is shown correctly after the updates.

In your account you can see, which updates we performed when. You can also see which plugins were active on the depending day.


Constantly Monitoring

Would you recognize immediatelly, that your website is not reachable anymore? To be the first who knows if something is wrong, I configure a monitoring service for you. This services checks every minute if everything is fine. If the monitoring can’t reach your website, you get an e-mail immediatelly and you can react on it.

From time to time it can happen, that your website is offline for a few seconds. To prevent sending you only an email if there is really something wrong, we send you the email when your website is offline for 5 minutes or longer.


Maintenance For Your WordPress Website
How it works

  • Order The Service

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  • Credentials

    To setup and perform the WordPress Maintenance for your website, we need credentials of your website. After ordering the service, we describe send you instructions how to send us these data in a secure way.

  • We Do The Rest

    Within 10 working days we setup your WordPress Maintenance. Every time we update your website, you receive an email. In our support system you can see all updates, backups and the monitoring of your WordPress website.

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