WordPress Hosting
Fast And Secure

With our Hosting your website runs 4X faster than with other hosters, it is secured against attacks and you have many features which make your life easier.


Pagespeed Optimised Hosting

We use modern technologie for our hosting to offer the maximal speed for your WordPress website. All our servers are equipped with SSD hard disks.

3 Level Cache System

With static cache, dynamic cache and Memcache we reach the fastest pagespeed for your WordPress website. In average WordPress websites run 4X faster than with other hosters.

Fastest Server Software

By combining the server software Apache and Nginx we can use the power of both technologies to reach more speed for your website.

Why Pagespeed is so important

Not only your visitors will love your fast website. The pagespeed is an important factor for Google too. Fast websites get better rankings in Google's search results.

More Features Of Our Hosting

WordPress Pre-Installed

We install automatically the current version of WordPress in every hosting package. You don't want to start with your website from scratch? Then order our WordPress Starter Package with your hosting.

Email Accounts

Create as many email accounts as you want. We have special spam filters to prevent unwanted emails from your inbox.

Automatic Backups

We create backups of your webspace, databases and emails and keep them 7 days. With one click you can decide what you want to restore, in case you need a backup.


With the malware expert Sitelock we constantly check your website for malicious software and alert you in case something happened. Additionally we feed our firewall with regularly updates to prevent damage to your website.

SSL Included

Every WordPress website gets a free SSL certificate - powered by Let's Encrypt. With it you can deliver your website encrypted via HTTPS. With one click you can switch your website to SSL and save with that our service WordPress SSL Swich.

WordPress Staging

Clone your WordPress website and test new plugins and updates. If you finished everything at your cloned website (staging website) you can switch the staging website to the live website.

Automatic Updates

You can activate automatic Updates for your WordPress website. On every new release of WordPress your website will be updated automatically - including themes and plugins.


With our hosting there are SSH accounts included. With it you can use for e.g. the WordPress Command Line Tool WP CLI.

Matomo (optional)

In your account you can install Matomo (formerly: Piwik) to track the visitors of your website on your account. It is a great alternativ tool for Google Analytics.


In your cPanel you can do all setting around your hosting. There are many features available like file manager, DNS editor, you can manage email- and FTP accounts and much more.

Free Cloudflare CDN

Includes is also Cloudflare CDN. With it you can deliver your website from fast server all over the world. Visitors from other continents will receive your website as fast as visitors in Europe.

Pagespeed optimized

Our modern technology is specially optimised for the pagespeed of WordPress websites. In average WordPress websites on our hosting run 4X faster than with other hosters.

Our Plans

WP Hosting
€ 8

per month with yearly payment
or € 9 with monthly payment
(All prices excl. 16% VAT)

Create your website with our fast and secure hosting.

  • WordPress pre-installed: included
  • SSD storage: 10 GB *1
  • Bandwidth per month: 100 GB *2
  • Memory limit: 512 MB
  • MySQL databases: 3
  • SSL certificate: included
  • Automatic backups: included
  • Email Accounts: unlimited
  • FTP Accounts: unlimited
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WP Website Package
€ 12

per month with yearly payment
or € 15 with monthly payment
(All prices excl. 16% VAT)

A completely designed website with many extras. Easily change images and texts and your website is ready.
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  • Everything from WP Hosting: included
  • Premium theme Divi: included
  • Premium Plugins: included
  • Pre-designed website: included
  • Starter Guide for your website: included
  • Standard legal notice: included
  • Standard privacy notice: included
  • Google Analytics integration: prepared
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The Small Prints

*1: This storage is included in your hosting package. In average a WordPress website needs 0.5 GB to 2 GB storage. The storage will also used for emails, databases and additional files on your webspace.
If you need more than 10 GB storage, we charge €1.00 per 1 GB per month excl. VAT.

*2: In average there are 0.5 MB to 2.0 MB per pageview transmitted. This makes 50.000 to 200.000 pageviews per month with 100 GB bandwidth.
If you need more than 100 GB (first of all, congratulations), we charge €0.10 per 1 GB excl. VAT additional bandwidth.